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About Us

Our whole person approach not only shapes each Client's unique treatment plan. The heartbeat of our approach -empowerment, clarity, transformation & healing - is also a integral element that enables the incredible life change we see over and over again.

About Us


Mind Balance Neurofeedback is modernizing mental health treatment services by offering a holistic and noninvasive approach to enhancing brain function and neuroplasticity. We specialize in multi-variant connectivity training which builds and strengthens connectivity in the brain. With over 9 years of experience and training in neurofeedback therapy, we work with a variety of mental health disorders as well as performance enhancement needs. Historically, mental health needs have been frequently overlooked, but with more people realizing that mental health is just as important as physical health, our hope is to encourage, support, and help those taking on their journey to heal and grow.



Our years of experience have created a passion for the healing impact of neurofeedback. We are excited to partner with you, wherever you find yourself in your journey.



Shelli Myles, Founder of Mind Balance Neurofeeback, is a born and raised Colorado native. She attended Colorado Christian University where she studied Human Resource Management and completed her degree with a Bachelor’s in Science and a minor in Psychology. She completed her Master of Art in Counseling and is now a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She worked on the psychiatric unit at Porter Hospital as a Mental Health Counselor for over four years. In 2013, Shelli found her calling in Neurofeedback therapy and completed training in Neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

Family is very important to Shelli. She has seven children, three of which she adopted from Ukraine. There is a special place in Shelli’s heart for helping kids find their forever families and has assisted in over 30 adoptions for families in the Denver area.

Shelli is committed to helping people reach their goals and guide them in their journey to find hope and healing.  With an eclectic background and passion to help others, Shelli provides professional support through incorporating a variety of therapies and holistic healing techniques.



Haley Downs, Co-founder of Mind Balance Neurofeedback, is a Colorado native who loves spending time with family, friends, and doing outdoor activities. Her passion for helping others led her to completing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Colorado State University. After working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Easter Seals Colorado for four years, Haley found her path leading her toward the mental health field. She is currently attending Grand Canyon University to complete her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Haley is also a certified yoga and prenatal yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2018. She loves guiding others in discovering the benefits of combining mindfulness, movement, and breath work to enhance their wellbeing.

Haley started working with Shelli Myles at Mind Balance Neurofeedback in 2021. She has loved being able to witness the abundance of peace it has brought many clients. Her experience in mental health and wellness has enabled her to provide a supportive environment for clients to engage in their healing and treatment goals.  




Shelley Paiz holds a license for a CAS and MFTC,  she has a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from Regis University.


She also has has over 14 years’ experience working with adolescents and adults that have concerns with behavioral issues in Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Seeking and Safety, Trauma, Depression and Anxiety.


Shelley believes spirituality is an important aspect in recovery and has a passion to help others to get reconnected with their higher power. She loves to educate others about health and wellness and the importance of proper self-care for a lasting recovery.

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I just wanted to give you a most formal 'thank you' for treating me this summer. Now that I am back to school I can confidently say Neurofeedback has changed my life. I'm a new person and I don't feel anxious around things that used to terrify me. I feel like I can finally just live and be a normal college student. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're such a blessing to me. 


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There is no way to overstate how much Neurofeedback has changed my life. Depression, social anxiety, and trauma have always been running in the background of my adult life, no matter how many steps and tools I've tried. I'm not a different person now - I'm finally me. At peace, engaged, living my life. I'm writing this for anyone on the fence - you've found the right team and the right tool. Mind Balance Neurofeedback will change your life.


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