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It's been our experience that several questions come up again and again as people become educated on Neurofeedback. Resource the below Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers.

  • How does neurofeedback therapy work?
    Neurofeedback is operant conditioning in which the brain learns to operate at optimal performance. During training sessions electrodes are placed on your scalp and Neurofeedback technology reads and trains your brainwaves through visual and audio cues.
  • Is neurofeedback therapy effective?
    There are many scientific studies and controlled studies on using Neurofeedback as a treatment method for various mental disorders. Neurofeedback has been highly successful in the treatment of epilepsy, sleep disorders as well as ADHD and ADD. It has been successfully applied in clinical settings for more than 30 years, particularly in the treatment of ADHD and ADD. Neurofeedback is an evidence-based treatment with proven efficacy.
  • Are the effects of Neurofeedback long-term?
    Studies of long-term effects of Neurofeedback show that the symptoms improve after the first treatment with Neurofeedback and remain stable after the treatment course. Effects of neurofeedback therapy can last up to years.
  • What is the success rate of Neurofeedback?
    Neurofeedback is a suitable treatment for children and adults of all ages.
  • Why is a brain assessment (QEEG) necessary?
    Brainwaves have different patterns. It is important that Neurofeedback sessions are tailored to the specific client's brain pattern. Through a QEEG assessment, it is possible to determine which brainwaves and connections need to be trained.
  • How many sessions are needed?
    Multi-variant connectivity training includes 15 sessions per treatment plan with each session lasting 15 minutes. For the best effect, we recommend scheduling two or three sessions per week. Depending on severity of symptoms, clients may need to forgo multiple rounds of treatment.
  • Can I continue medication throughout treatment period?
    During treatment with Neurofeedback, you can take any prescribed medication as recommended (this includes ADHD medication like Ritalin).
  • Can I reduce medication throughout the treatment period?
    It is possible to start reducing medication during treatment with Neurofeedback. In fact, Neurofeedback is considered a great treatment in order to make the transition off medication. To stop or reduce your medication always ask your prescriber.
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