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Neurofeedback services begin with a comprehensive brain scan that is the foundation of our 15-session packages.



Our primary tool for healing is Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback uses advanced brain training technology to optimize your brain for peak functioning. Just as we can train our bodies to perform at their best, so can we train our brains. The way our brains respond to stress, extreme emotions, flawed thought patters, and general brain functioning can all be improved by neurofeedback. By rewarding correct thought patterns, we can train our brains and ourselves to come back to a state of optimal functioning and self-regulation. We do this by recording, analyzing, monitoring, and then training brainwaves and brain connectivity.



We also offer a combination of Neurofeedback Therapy and Counseling. These two interventions complement each other and allows for the most effective and long-lasting results. Our licensed and accredited counselors are passionate and experienced in mental health. Our goal is to add balance to your mind and life.

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